Our Christian Community

Welcome to our Community.  Why not join us…….




Sunday Morning Worship

10.30 am Holy Communion – our main weekly worship – every Sunday of the year

‘Groovy Books’

John has written these to help you quickly to get into the Christian message.

Click here to read “Groovy Books”

Titles include ‘Shit Happens’-‘What God is like’- ‘Religion Sucks’-‘ God, Smackheads and Alkies’ -‘ Adam and Eve and All That’

Sunday Night God Squad 6pm Onwards

  • Bible Teaching
  • Short Communion
  • Buffet Meal
  • Activities for children/teenagers


Halfway House

11am Midweek Communion

12 noon   Short Communion Service

7pm Youth Communion in the ‘God Room’ in Shalom

Church History

Learn about the history of the Church.
Find out how you can help out.

Please bear with us as this information is coming soon

10649831_955371841206720_1469854599287277514_nOur Partner Church in Kathmandu Nepal