Shalom Youth Project

Welcome.  Shalom Youth Project is here for children and young people in East Marsh.

Our Mission Statement:

To reach children and young people at risk in the East Marsh and through sustained long-term relationships to enable them to become functioning adults

This page needs updating with the latest staff names and photos

Junior Club

Meeting every Tuesday during term time between 6 and 7.30 this is our club for Primary School children. Admission is free

The Junior Club has lots of fun arts and craft, lots of fun sports activities, baking cakes, making play dough and the most popular of all making slime. Are staff team are dedicated to making sure the young people have a safe place to socialise with their friends.

Special Support Groups


This Project runs two support groups for children and young people with specific needs

Fed Up

Inters Club

Meeting every Thursday night  during term time between 6.30 and 8.30 for young people 13-14 yrs.  Admission is free

Seniors Club

This group is great for the age of 14 up to 18, the young people can spend time with their friends in a safe environment. They love to play music and chat to each other and the staff team. We also like to do activities outside of the Shalom like going to the Cinerama or having sleepovers in the Shalom.